Saturday, September 1, 2012

The above article is a detailed account of the Republican Convention women and how they are contributing to a solution in the struggle of winning the women's vote in the United States. Personally, I think it's a little insulting to instead host a frilly party in pink to gain the approval of America's women, considering the women advocating civil rights wouldn't be distracted for a second by such a ploy. We want to focus on the issues, we want to continue the fight because if we don't, nothing will ever change.

Civil rights and social issues have a huge impact on my life, especially considering the fact that I am a woman. The option of an abortion, paying for birth control, and other issues are all factors that could play some role in my life so the decisions or opinions certain parties have on them have a large effect on where my vote and support goes. The Republican Party choosing to simply ignore addressing such issues for fear of losing votes only encourages me to further reject that party as a whole. You can not find a solution to a problem by simply ignoring its existence.

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