Thursday, September 20, 2012

Segregation is an issue that will always have its hold within society as long as any type of differences among individuals exist. People claim that segregation is a thing of the past however, deeming the Civil Rights Movement as the death of segregation. However, an article written by Motoko Rich in the New York times just yesterday ( lays out in detail just how prominent segregation still is today.

It's no longer about whether or not people are following the law in regards to what is right and wrong. There are always options in which obey higher authority yet undermine it at the same time. This is seen in the rising number of students of caucasion ethnicity attending upperclass private learning institutions that lower income minority families could never afford, therefore installing a new type of segregation in America. In fact, one state pinpointed as a central location for such activity is my very home, Texas. In allowing this to continue, and limiting the opportunities of others through a financial hierarchy, I am ultimately only limiting myself as well as our country. Race and gender have no effect on an individuals potential when given the best opportunities if education. I am not competing among what is really the best and the brightest but rather the most rich and the whitest. Allowing segregation to grow only encourages a closed mind as well, ridding us of the very ideal our nation was originally founded on, tolerance.

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The above article has to do with the fight for democracy by the women of the small African country Togo. These women have fought with every tactic possible and are now launching a "sex strike" against the men of their country to replace the current dictatorship with a democracy. To me it's a very inspiring story as it high lights the determination and persistence of the female gender. Knowing how ardently these individuals must fight to obtain something I was born in to gives me appreciation for the land in which I live. I think it is important for the people of my country to understand how incredibly lucky they are to be ruled by a democracy and to stop complaining about our government and instead start taking advantage of it. Too many people complain about who is in office or what policies and laws were passed or rejected. Yet, ironically enough, those same people complaining are the ones who chose not to vote when elections rolled around.

Our government was created to give equality to all, allowing the representation of each individual. Whether or not the individual chooses to honor or utilize such representation however has become the issue. If our citizens could live the life of these women in Togo for just a week, maybe they would appreciate what is taken for granted as the first American citizens did. In all honesty, the majority of our government's problem is the lack of concern and interest of my generation. Apathy will be the downfall of our country if we do not start caring just as much, if not more, as the women of Togo.

Saturday, September 1, 2012

The above article is a detailed account of the Republican Convention women and how they are contributing to a solution in the struggle of winning the women's vote in the United States. Personally, I think it's a little insulting to instead host a frilly party in pink to gain the approval of America's women, considering the women advocating civil rights wouldn't be distracted for a second by such a ploy. We want to focus on the issues, we want to continue the fight because if we don't, nothing will ever change.

Civil rights and social issues have a huge impact on my life, especially considering the fact that I am a woman. The option of an abortion, paying for birth control, and other issues are all factors that could play some role in my life so the decisions or opinions certain parties have on them have a large effect on where my vote and support goes. The Republican Party choosing to simply ignore addressing such issues for fear of losing votes only encourages me to further reject that party as a whole. You can not find a solution to a problem by simply ignoring its existence.